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About SAT

"Hi, I am Audrey P. from NY. I am a math tutor, and I should say that I do recommend my students to get more practice besides the textbook. I find this site very useful, and told my students about this site. I myself sometimes find interesting approaches in their explanations and interesting problems to give to my students."

What is SAT?

The SAT is the examination

which tests student’s skills in reading, writing, and mathematical reasoning. It is considered as an important component in the application process to colleges and universities.

What is the test format?

There are three sections in the test, which further split into a total of ten subsections. You will find there three multiple-choice critical reading components, two multiple-choice mathematics components, a multiple-choice and "grid-in" mathematics component, three multiple-choice writing components, and one essay
The test format looks as follows:

1. An essay, which is to be completed within 25 minutes.
2. Five sections, which are all 25 minutes long and include:

• two mathematical reasoning
• two critical reading
• one writing skills

3. Two sections, which are all 20 minutes long and include:

• one mathematical reasoning
• one critical reading

4. One writing skills section, which is 10-minutes long
5. One experimental section, which is 25 minutes long, and is not scored

The first section an examinee has to do is always an essay, but he/she will be given the other components of the exam in any order which depends on his/her particular variant of the exam. All sections are presented in multiple choice questions and are based on the level of difficulty, starting with the easiest ones and moving to the most difficult, except for the reading comprehension part, where an examinee will see the questions in the order they appear in the text. You should also know that one section of the exam is not scored as it is an experimental part. Each component of the exam has to be fulfilled from 10 to 25 minutes, which depends on a section. The total time the complete test takes is approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes. An examinee is given additional time for breaks. It total you should plan 5 hours to spend in an examination center.

What scores to expect?

The score range in SAT is from 200 to 800 for each of the three sections (reading, writing, and mathematical reasoning) and a maximum possible total score is 2400.

How do I register?

Register at the College Board website.