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About SSAT

"Hi, everybody! Iím Steve from Guelph, Ontario
I just want to share with you how helpful this site was! Iíve got a tricky problem in my school math test and I really didnít know how to handle it, and I just sent it to the site and they shortly published a similar one and the best part is that they also gave clear explanations. I got a good mark!"

What is the SSAT?

The SSAT stands for The Secondary School Admission Test.

There are two parts in the test: a short essay and a multiple choice skill test examining studentís knowledge and skills in math, use of language and reading comprehension. The test is administered in English and has a variety of versions, making it impossible to do the same test more than once.

There are two levels in this test:
Lower (for present grade 5-7 students)
Upper (for present grade 8-11 students)

Test Format

There are five sections in the text and each section is assigned a specific time limit. A student will have 25 minutes to write an essay and 30 minutes each for verbal and two quantitative parts, and 40 minutes for the reading part.

Writing Section

In this section, a student is given one topic statement to support or argue. In his writing he will be asked to provide specific examples from his/her personal experience, current events, literature or history. This section is NOT scored by SSAT.

Quantitative (Math)

There are two sections of 25 questions each. A student is asked to do math calculations similar to those he does at school or uses in daily activities.


There are 30 synonym and 30 analogy questions.

Reading Comprehension

There are 7 reading passages to read and 40 text based questions to answer.

How do I register?

Register at the SSAT website.