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About us

"I should say this site is a very effective tool in SSAT and SAT preparation. Iíve done many tests and this one is the one that helped me understand the tactics I should apply on the real test and the tricks the test sets to make you choose the wrong answer. I highly recommend this site. Donít forget to take a free test too!"
Mike Wilkins, Illinois.

"Save,Save,Save"-this is what your wife keeps on saying and you have to find the way how to make sure your kid wonít fail on the SSAT.I am grateful to the site people, they really helped me out in that. It was a good and systematic training with clear and understandable explanations. My son has passed with great score and is already admitted to school.
Petrakis Chris

With our tools - you are winner. We garanty your success.

We will prepare you for SAT, SSAT, and ISEE

Tutor 4exam builds up solid knowledge which you can use not only while preparing and taking SAT, SSAT, and ISEE exams but also in your future study.

Who we are

We are a group of tutors who have comprehensive experience in tutoring for different kinds of tests and exams. What we offer you is the result of many years of tutoring practice with students of all levels and abilities. The analysis of all possible mistakes the examinees make and the difficulties they face while preparing and taking this exam helped us create this course. Our system is based on so-called Greenberg tutoring math system realizing the fact that every difficult math problem is usually based on a set of simpler elements. To teach you how to recognise them and to see the relations is the core of the Greenberg system and our primary goal. The methods of delivering the material together with the ways of consolidation the skills not only make our course effective in SAT, SSAT and ISEE preparation but also work successfully in further study in High school or college. We know that study is serious work and we do not offer you any fun activities but we offer you our help and guidance in your way to success.

Our mission

Our mission is to create deep cooperation among students, parents, and tutors and to make SAT, SSAT and ISEE preparation stress free, reliable and successful.

Our core operating principles

- to value time and efforts the students spend on SAT, SSAT or ISEE test preparation;
- to employ teaching principles from simpler to more difficult matters ;
- to provide positive thinking;
- to develop positive attitude to studying;
- to give more knowledge and skills than you expect;

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