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Free SSAT practice test

"Hi, I am Mary Adamson. I live in Chicago, US. I use this site quite often and it helps me fill in the gaps in my math. The problem is that I have to take SSAT in a couple of weeks and this site really helps my a lot just to understand and train every math aspect I should master to succeed in SSAT..."

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In this section, you can find a variety of problems of diverse levels of difficulty. You should know that this is exactly how the problems and tutorials in our course are presented. After signing up for our course, you will be offered a great opportunity to train all vital tools and skills essential in the real SSAT test. Every test of the course consists of 25 units and every topic is offered in 10 levels of difficulty. The units and the sequence with which they are presented to you are planned in such a way that you will practice math and language (vocabulary and analogies) skills required in SSAT.