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How SAT math preparation works

"It was a great source of practice for my son. He had been sick for many months before taking the SAT and we had to keep him at home. This on-line course was such a helpful idea. The explanations were precise and very clear. The most valuable thing was that he was able to figure out which math section is in most trouble and spent more time mastering this particular part."
Mathew Robertson, LA,US

We make every effort to help you get your SAT preparation faster, more effective and more successful. We do our best so that you can get a higher score on SAT test.

Study modes

You can practice in two ways:
First, you can just do the test only, which is actually presented in a format of a real test, where you get your score based on the results you provide for every question;
There is another way - to do the test with tutorials, where on completion of every unit of the test you will not only get your results but also see the tutorials which appear on the screen. It will thoroughly explain the correct answer of this unit. For some units there are also hints helping to find the proper solution.

Individual approach

The results of your previous test will be considered in selecting your next level.
You should also know that every subsequent test is different from the previous.
tutor4exam system takes into account both weaknesses and strengths in the student’s knowledge and performance, choosing the level accordingly.

Unbiased evaluation

You can read your score as follows:
- correct answer - «+2» points;
- skipped (missing) answer – «-1» point;
- incorrect answer - «-2» point.
The correct completion of a particular section in one level of difficulty brings you onto the higher level in the same section.
The tutor4exam preparation course is considered completed only when all sections are done successfully.

Practice makes perfect

Every quiz and its results are saved in the archives, and you can revise and/or do it again as many times as you wish or need to effectively master the material of this section. The more you practice, the more confident you get in every section of the test. You should also know that the number of units necessary for successful completion of the tutor4exam SAT math preparation course depends on the initial level of your knowledge and the speed of your mastering the material. To complete the test, some students would need to answer 300-350 units whereas others would have to do 800-900 units.